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Why Choose PAR Consulting?


Your distributor sales representatives are hard working professionals.  At PAR we don't want to replace your distributor representative.  Not by any stretch of the imagination. The fact is, each salesperson only works for their one distributor. As a commissioned employee, they have no reason to share prices on items that are cheaper from a competitor.   


Each distributor is aligned with specific brands/suppliers.  Those brands/suppliers may offer better support to their preferred distributors.  This support comes in many forms from better pricing, quantity deals, P.O.S supplies, printing support etc.  Your PAR representative will ensure your account is receiving any support you are eligible for.  


Minnesota Statute ch. 340A regulates all aspects of Liquor.  By law, a price or deal offered to one must be offered to all.  PAR Consulting's relationships with hundreds of accounts is an added security blanket that any deals offered to one will be offered to you.


Over the last 20+ years we at PAR have seen it all when it comes to purchasing incorrectly.  We have had buyers take the least difficult path to save time and effort, I have had people buy from the most attractive salesperson, I have even known buyers who have bought from a distributor for personal gain regardless of pricing.  Sometimes it stems from long term relationships with distributors,other times maybe a bad relationship with a specific distributor.  At PAR we are representing the OWNER of the business.  Is a loader incentive for your manager/buyer worth you paying more for your spirits?  


Is your buyer is spending the hours per week shopping prices from all distributors, checking invoices, maintaining distributor accounts, etc? At PAR, that is what we do.  With our subscription, we can save you labor hours with a guaranteed price saving.

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